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Posted on 2007.07.22 at 11:09
I feel like: calmcalm
Listening to: TV
My dad ordered a book in my name cause I'm already a customer in the bookstore. And now he tells me 'oh, btw, if the bookstore calls, I ordered a book!'
Yesterday he tells me 'ohh, btw, I borrowed your tent to your uncle!'
Err, I'd just like to be informed in advance if he does something in my name or with my stuff!!! What's the problem?
Even if it's just these simple things, I'd like to KNOW that...man.

Not much going on.Tuesday is coming! Hell yea! I'm gonna practise guitar.Weather sucks anyway.Boo.

Posted on 2007.04.16 at 08:36
Current Location: School
I feel like: boredbored
Lala. You know what? I'm thinking about quitting Lj. But I doubt I could live without it...Okay, to be honest, I'm not a big commenter so I can't blame anyone for not commenting me/reading my entries. I donno.
But I think I won't quit. There'd be something missing in my life ;)

I still need a hotel for the RHCP/Beatsteaks trip. eek!
And Highfield Fest still has No line-up. Damnit!!!

I have re-discovered an old obsession: The Distillers. I almost forgot how much I love them. I also re-discovered my love for photography. If anyone wants to check it out, visit my deviantArt (flyingfoo) or myspace (arp_photos)

Oh well...Did I mention that Punky is such a bad boy?? *shakes head* But he's still damn important for me...

Good Morning!

Posted on 2007.03.31 at 10:13
I feel like: lazylazy
It's 10 in the morning and I don't know why I moved out of my bed. I'm a little hungover.Janine came over last night and we drank some wine. Today we're gonna celebrate my aunt's b-day. BBQ!Yay! And even more wine...oh god. I might have 2 help jobs soon. Very good for the big summer trip.
So, imagine the Foo's would come to area 4...that would mean a long train journey BUT Basti would supply the tents, food and stuff. So I don't have to take that much stuff with me.
Just for the case...you never know what happens.
I'm well prepared for my boys..haha..
Okay, I'm off. Back to bed :D

Posted on 2007.03.19 at 20:22
I feel like: sadsad
New Foo Date in scotland.

I think I'm gonna move.To the UK.

So there's one tiny chance left to see them on HF, which would be august 17th. But why do I doubt that??

Oh well...I'm starting to become desperate...I need a doctor.
Come on, it's just because I love them so much.and I miss them.

Posted on 2007.03.18 at 10:01
I feel like: calmcalm
Good morning!
so yesterday me and daddy went shopping. We got a new business-dress for me...It was like a trip in a different world. We had an own shopping assistant. So we ended up in spending 100€ in a completely new outfit.Plus a new pair of shoes. All I thought was 'WTF am I doing here?? Business...office job?? oh my god!' The interview has to be good tomorrow. The company isn't far away from home...
There they are!>

I haven't been doing much. The cold is getting better. Tonight I'm going to pick Claudi up on the station.As every sunday :)
Before doing that I'm gonna try to take some nice photos and/or play guitar.

ok then, wish me luck for tomorrow!!!


Posted on 2007.03.14 at 10:43
Current Location: School
I feel like: bouncybouncy
Ookay.I've spent way to much money on tickets..nevermind. It's gonna be the greatest and most expensive summer ever!
The RHCP ticket's already laying on my desk.A few minutes ago I ordered my ticket for the Beatsteaks. Both concerts in Dresden, Peppers on 4th of july, Beatsteaks on the 6th. hell yea!
So the Foo's are returning to Ireland this summer...:( Can't they just stop by in Germany? oh well...

I'm seeing the pepperssss! *bounce*
I need to win in the lottery...cause I'd like to visit Highfield Fest as well...:D
Holy cow....

Posted on 2007.03.09 at 20:55
Current Location: Home
Listening to: TV
My mood is a bit better. Got a new jacket and a new pair of shoes today.
Well, Claudi and I wanna extend our upcoming trip to Dresden. The Beatsteaks are playing there 2 days after the Red Hot Chili Peppers.So we might go there as well. :) I found out that Flo's girlfriend is also a big fan of the peppers.She saw them last year.
It's friday night and I'm at home. I asked Sandra and Lisa about their plans for tonight. But they seem unable to answer my message.god.
So there are already commercials for Rock im Park. Sweet line up so far but I saw a couple of these bands last year. And this line-up is nothing against Southside.Nothing. I wanna see Shifty :(
Highfield should f***ing hurry up, I wanna see who's coming!


Posted on 2007.03.08 at 11:27
Current Location: School
Listening to: Ramones-Strenght to endure
Oh god..everything's so stressy at the moment...And I'm in a bad mood today.Everything and everyone is just pissing me off. And it seems like everyone's life is better than mine. mhhh...There are 3 little things that make me a bit happy:
*Having my RHCP ticket
*Having my Skin&Bones DVD..Finally
*Getting my tats re-done at the end of the month
That's it. blah.blah.blah.


Posted on 2007.02.28 at 10:01
Current Location: Home
Listening to: Chili Peppers
...is a weird thing.
More later.OMG Claudi is going to buy her RHCP ticket tomorrow!!!*faints* I need money,at least 51€, it costs 61€ and I already have a bit...gooood. I'm so excited.

Back to the destiny thing. This morning I had an appointment at the job center. I wanted to take the 7:24-tram. So my watch said it was 7:15, time to go. When I arrived at the tram-stop, the clock said 7:13. Huh? So I managed to get the tram I usually take. In the city center I met...Kevin!!!He told me that he hasn't been to school for a while and he usually doesn't go on wednesdays either. I'm a lucky girl...so we chatted a bit and walked around. *sighs*

see, my watch made me see him...:) If I had taken the 7:24 tram, I wouldn't have seen him...:o

god damnit!!!! I HAVE TO get over him. Easier said than done...

hey, the Foo's have announced to play a festival in the UK
*starts praying* Hopefully they come over again...It's not that far...lmao


Posted on 2007.02.22 at 10:02
Lately I'm not much of a lj-person, sorry ;)
I'm selling everything I can find to buy a RHCP ticket. Highfield Fest doesn't have a Line-up yet.god, guys, hurry up!
I'm going to visit my grandpa and his gf today. She's so going to ask me out again..! btw, I still can't get over Kevin. That's INSANE!!! I need to get him outta my head, but it just doesn't work! haha. Even my parents got to know Kev now. lol..my dad: 'he's got something in his face...'
Yeah dad, piercings! And funky colored hair. I wish I could turn those feelings off! :(

ohhh well I gotta distract myself with photography and drawing.
I can't wait for my dad to get his new camera.Canon EOS 400 D. I'll get his 'old' Kodak cam.♥

okay,saving the best for last, here are 2 links:
[don't be scared of the eye-pics...I didn't shoot 'em :D]
Picsof my friends...the punk is..right, Kevin!

My DeviantArt.For you to look at my work ;)

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